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2002 Ford Focus Question: Sway Bar Linkage Ball Joint Removal

I need a Sway Bar Linkage Ball Joint Removal Tool.... Anyone know where I can find one or if there is a substitute for removing this thing. I have looked everywhere with no luck. -
Answer 1
Your local Napa Auto Parts store www.napaonline.com If they don't have it they can order and have it by 8AM the next morning -
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I went there today and the only thing we could find is called a tie rod end puller it may work but I think I am going to use a tool that looks similar to a tuning fork. -
Comment 2
We call it a pickle fork -
Answer 2
the stud has a hex on the ned that is 5/16 i think. the nut is 18mm. you hold the nut and turn the stud until it is off and the link falls off. Roy -
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The aftermarket part that I bought is thay way however, the factory part that needs replaced is smooth with notchs on either side. I think I need a tool that looks like a tuning fork. -