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I received a recall letter from Suzuki regarding the low/high beam headlamps and how this may cause overheating leading to a possible fire. Well after some research on the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin website (NHTSA), I found there were over 197 complaints listed MOST to do with the Transmission/Gear Shift sensors. This car should be recalled on that alone!! I'm appalled that Suzuki has not done this or the NHTSA has not forced them too!! I am surprised there has not been any deaths because of this failure. I bought my 2007 Suzuki Forenza Wagon in Dec 2006. I have been fortunate that I had not had any problems until way over 100,000 miles (brakes a few years ago). At 133,743 miles, I was crossing a bridge when the car just slipped in acceleration! I had it looked at and the tech told me it was the manual lever position sensor, that was 11/25/2013. About 2 months ago, the same problem has happened again. I found a certified car repair shop on the Repair Pal website because there are no Suzuki dealers around anymore. I did file a complaint with and I urge anyone having this problem or any safety problem to do the same. I could not believe the problems owners were having after only driving the car under 50,000 miles!!! Suzuki needs to be held accountable. They are now on my list of cars I will never, EVER buy again. Toyota, GM and now Suzuki. Life is too short!!!
I think they need to recall this car. Have had it in the shop since January. Full body throttle. Guess this is why they quit making them. Have had other problem also. air conditioner, oil plug, head lights.
I'm the original owner of a 2006 Suzuki Forenza and for the most part I have been pleased with the car, its been dependable, and gets good gas mileage. That is until I started learning all the parts, down to the transmission fluid are "SPECIAL ORDER"... it took me over 7 months to get the new struts for it and then found out there is only 1 dealer left in all of Northern CA (Elk Grove w/one technician) left... that even works on them and its a good half hour drive from where I live!! So, with the inconvenience and extra $$$ just to get the car to a dealership that can work on it... my overall rating for repairs is -000000000 = VERY POOR!!!!!
My 2007 Suzuki Forenza sporadically has the check engine light coming on. Sometimes I am just sitting at a stop light waiting for the light to change and the engine light comes on. Other times, I have just slowly accellerated and the car jerks and the light comes on. Immediately goes into limp mode. I have had the car to 2 different repair shops who have replaced different senors, but the car continues to sporadically have the check engine light appear. Scared to death I am going to be stranded somewhere.
I take care of about 8 suzuki forenza's for a company I work for, and overall they are a descent vehicle but to have too many problems for such a low mileage vehicle. Yes, the tcm as failed in many of them, some more than once. Im not very satisfied with the transmissions at all, they tend to always be doing something wrong. The engines are okay but could get much more mileage than what they do. If your looking to buy one of these buy them brand new with a warranty or your looking to put alot of many in it fast.
My Suzuki Forenza was bought new with 150 miles at the time I left the Suzuki dealership. Within a week I had concerns with excelleration which seemed sluggish at times. The service center at the Dealership told me that it was new and all of the parts needed to warm up a bit. I Was told that if I had concerns within a month to bring the car back. The sensor for the passenger side airabag was reported as broken because it read the bag was turned off when someone over 50lbs sat in the seat - never been fixed. the cover over the belts (pully & Tensioner) was melted due to friction (later recalled and fixed) but nothing else was addressed. I took my car in every 3 months or less in the first year because of excelleration problems. The TCM, Transmission Control Module was found faulty finally at around 85,000 miles almost 2 years later. This is covered under warranty at 32,000 miles and was fixed by a good faith agreement meant to discredit the arbitration decision that never came. The Suzuki dealership never found a problem. An authorized service center that had no ties to Suzuki found the issue. They described that the faulty TCM switch caused my car to shift into neutral while I drove. Since then the problem has returned and has proven this vehicle to be a very unsafe car. I took the car back to the dealership where the car was purchased and they have again found no problem. I wonder how many other Forenza drivers have had issues with excelleration?
I've had my Suzuki Forenza for 6 years, and have been disappointed for many of them. There's not been anything more disappointing than working with the Suzuki dealerships - who are blatantly out for money. I've had several cases where I would call when things randomly broke (the seat belt wouldn't plug in, BOTH front car handles broke off, it locked me out and wouldn't stop beeping, it stopped moving, etc.) and their answer was ALWAYS to tow it to them and then charge me ridiculous amounts of money. With the car handles, I called them when it was less than 3 years old and said that this had happened; they kept saying they couldn't find my VIN number and would call me back. They never did. When I finally got in touch with them and they said they COULD find it (a month or two later), the car had JUST passed the 3 year mark and they said "Oh well, that's only part of the 3 year warranty of your 10 year warranty - you'll have to pay out of pocket." (I have not. I have been driving with no car handles for the last 3 years. I got used to digging my fingers in a certain way to get it to open).
There is always something going wrong with this thing. I've paid so much every single year to keep it going. I'll never do a Suzuki again.
I just recently bought a 2006 Suzuki Forenza with 78K miles from a dealer ship. The check engine light was on, and they told me to do a drive cycle to get the check engine light to go off. Within two days I drove the car 209.4 miles and the car lost power. I was in a parking lot and had the gas peddle pressed to the floor the car was only going 20mph. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a automatic goes 20mph with out pressing the gas. I turned the car off and turned it back on and drove it five miles. At five miles I was going 65 mph and the car lost power again. I have had the car to cut off on me as well. This car has spent more time in the shop than I have had it. The dealer ship told me nothing was wrong with the car.. THEY ONLY DROVE IT 11 MILES! I personally took the car back and took it to the shop and the mechanic hooked it up to the computer and five codes where there, all five codes had something to do with the throttle body. They thought it was the sensors. I got the car back drove it again.. I ended up putting 1,400 miles on this car in two weeks before they figured out it was throttle body its self that needed to be replaced. It went from it needed a drive cycle, to nothing was wrong, to sensors to the wiring, to the throttle body. SO what's it going to be next!?! I still haven't got the car back, but i just got off the phone with the dealer ship. I might be a female but I do know a little bit about cars!! I can tell you when there is a problem and when there isn't a problem!! Email address is
I have had my 2004 Forenza for almost 7 years now and could not have asked for a better deal. There have not been any major problems. I am starting to see some minor things happening now but it comes with age!
Car is cheaply made and seems to have many problems because of this. Would not recommend!
It drinks gas like water and the cost to fuel it for work is something I hadn't counted on. I'm also have an engine problem and its effecting how the car runs (the gas issue has been a problem I found out after I had purchased it) It is not a well made or thought out car --- I agree witht he comment that you get what you pay for.
Very disappointed in the gas mileage. Sometimes it's taking 2-3 tries to start up. A/C compressor just went out. I didn't do any research prior to purchasing so I paid much more than the average.
I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with my car i have put about $700 hundred dollars on tune-ups, sensors etc and the problem still exist, the car stalls or hesitates when crunk and then the poof of smoke comes from the talepipe. What to do, is what i think about everyday.
Forenza Wagon with maual transmission.
Paint chipping from side view mirrors.
Clutch and slave cylinder replacment at 54,000 miles - $1,450
The value of the car is reflective of it's book price. Low.
In this case you get what you pay for.
for a compact car with a 2.0L 4 cylinder to get such poor mileage is bizarre. it's not a barn burner for sure, so it seems like the mpg would be better? there's no check engine light that the dealer says would be on if there was a problem, but seems like something is wrong