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I thought maybe miss fire but I did a complete tune up. but engine is still shaking.
its got an standard transmission ,engine is a four cylider 1.6lt
it will turn over but wont start seems like it is not getting fuel. changed fuel pump still dont work
gaskets need replacing on the harmonic balancer. It is leaking oil. Problem is can not get the bolt out, we know if we break the bolt we have to pull the engine. Of couse don't want to do that. How do you get the ...
early ths week I had changed my cap and rotor kit, but I put the wires in the wrong sequence. I was told by Suzuki that the firing sequence is 1342 but Im not sure where the first plug should be placed. Currently I ha...
I am told the gas tank has to be removed to replace the fuel pump with labor charges much higher than your estimate. Thank You