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At first it started with having to give the car some gas while in park after starting it to keep it running as well as immediately shutting off when going from drive to park. Then it went from that to starting fine in...
I bought my grand vitara from a used dealership and it only came with the keyless remote. This can be bothersome to keep up with. I would like to have a physical key as a back up at least. anyone know where and how m...
Air bag warning stays on all the time,dealer said air bags may not deploy in an accident
took my suzuki grand vitara to an emissions testing station. They failed it because they could not get a reading. Said it was probably a bad fuse or a loose wire. Fuses are good. I have electrical power on both acces...
It will work normal and cool when I press the accelerator.
plus the speedometer is going up and down. this happens most when it rains. when the engine light comes on I don't have cruise.