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everything works but wont turn over fan barly turns but does not seem to have any compression
driving along motorway when engine just cut out,no noises or sounds came from car,just lost all power,battery light came on in dash there was a loss of power steering,lights work,now it wont start,any suggestions.
We are thinking of buying a 2nd hand vitara. When test drive, the auto gear is hard to pull/push from park to drive. Not sure if its due to low gear oil or going to spoil gear. There is also sound from the rear while ...
When the airconditioner is switched on there is a 'whir' noise from the engine, when the aircon is switched off it stops - (like one of those kids toys) Is this something serious that can cause damage and is it easil...
i have a vitara 1.9 dbiss seems to be loss of power
There was some loose pieces of steel, maybe shim, in cambelt cover.Could they have jammed and caused the cam drive pulley to have moved? Does anyone have any tips on fitting a cam belt to these 1.9ds? It is a Renaul...
What is the life of Timing Chain in Grand Vitara 2.7L 2007 model?
I need to replace the fuel filter for the car.
both bulbs replaced, connector plugs replaced, and all fuses are fine. Dont know what to do. only highbeams work.
I can push the gas pedal as I try to start the car and it won't turn over. The battery is fine but it acts as if the gas isn't pushing through. What could be causing this?
If the computer gets reset, the next time you try to apply the cruise control light on the dash flashes, then goes away. I have OBDCOM, Is there anyway to troubleshoot this?
This ia a 4 wheel drive. Having excessive wear on the inside of rear tires. Can the rear be realigned?
Recently had fuel pump replaced at Midas on 03-24-2011. Now, the engine lite is on. Midas did not want to do a diagnostic test. So, I went to Auto Zone and here is what it reads. Evap small leak detected, ECM has de...
one head light low beam is out is it a fuse of bulb? where if the fuse box?