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My headlights come on when I start the engine and stay on until i turn off the car. The switch will turn the dash lights on and off like normal but no matter what the headlights stay on. Is the switch bad?
The dims work both of them but no full head lights tried fuses and bulbs but no joy
this problem just started
were and what senor wouid cause this problem?
my car has started making a tapping sound and when i went to get it inspected i was told it was the timing chain
Looking inside the engine compartment I can't see the rear of the parking light at all. Does the entire light assembly have to be removed?
Installed tow bar system and had to extend vacuum lines behind front bumper to canister for front diff. Now will not lock in. Is there an in & out? or does not matter?
What is the easiest way to stop oil pan, front and rear main seal leaks?