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I was driving down the road when I lost power from engine. when I pulled over I had smoke under hood, upon inspecting, I noticed I had oil all over the cross member under the engine. the engine would run rough, but wh...
Recently my xl7 rolled to a stop, and won't move, the driveshaft is turning but the rear end differencial isnt rurning the wheels
it is 2001 xl7 grand vitara it runs fine when its full of fluid but every time i start it pours out of the dust cover where it shouldnt even be at i have no ideal what it can be please help.
today after driving 25kms i stopped the car and heard a sound like air blowing out under pressure it was coming from the rear of the motor, there was also an oil burning smell, when i was driving back there was a grin...
it starts ticks over for a10 20 seconds then stops but it will not rev
after it's all warmed up the suv comes out of park
I need to know the location of the starter relay, I have no power getting to the solenoid key switch wire, I tryed jumping power across the solenoid and it starts right up..
rear fan not working. front air works fine