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when I turn key lights on dash board come,but no current to starter
How can I attach the pic. of light signal showing on the display since am failing to explain it
no codes just I need to know what head pressure it should be at when charging the system
Just had tune up, oil change, exhaust work done. Checked all fluds - good.
I have 100,000 miles on my little car. I need to know if Pro One Automotive is knowledgable in maintaining my car and backs the work they do. What would be a fair price for the maintenance needed and would they know w...
I does not come down need more clearance
Our Moon Roof, when you shut the car off, pops open in back, "Vent position" how can we keep it closed? Can't find a specific fuse for the Moon Roof? Is there a hidden one somewhere?
when i shift into drive, car won't go