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The pw door locks continuoaly PPP up and down. Even when the vehicle is parked and engine off. I have to lock all doors with the key from the outside before they stop. When I'm inside of the car I have to hit the driv...
the window operates fine, SOMETIMES lol
I was changing the rear brake pads, when I noticed a spring fell off behind the emergency brake disk. How should I compress the spring to get the nail in and locked by hand? I'm having a hard time holding the emergenc...
Ok when in drive something came up esides P R N D 3 2 1 What could that be?
While driving, the D next to my odometer showing that my car is in gear becomes some weird symbol. it is a box with a diagonal line and a small horrizontal line in the middle. At the same time the engine revs and my s...
some times when i start my car and shift it into drive the check engine comes on. and the car is real slugish. what causes this and how can i stop this from happening
I have no pressure from master cylinder to slave cylinder and I want to bleed it using a vacuum pump. In this car the bleeder is between master and slave cylinders. Will this method of bleeding work properly?