SUV Stalled while driving on 2000 Lincoln Navigator

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The night before last my oil light came on and I smelled burning. I did let my husband know about it right away. The next day he was driving and it cut out in the middle of the road. We checked the oil and it was bone dry.When he started it back up the engine was shaking really bad and it died back out. We thought it was a misfire & changed the spark plugs. There was oil all over the old spark plugs. Is my motor blown and how much does it cost to repair. Please help anyone
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You really need to tow it to a good repair shop and ask them to check / diagnose your SUV. It seems there was an oil leak issue that you ignored for a while which could have developed to a more serious damage. I hope it's not the case though.

Thanks & that's what I am doing. Is it possible the motor is blown?
That is possible, but hard to tell without checking it first. Ask them to check the compression.

Ok I will & Thanks a lot Zee, You are too kind
You are very welcome!
I hope it won't be a big damage.
Come to if you have any questions, we'll be glad to help.