Suspension Knuckle

A suspension knuckle attaches the upper and lower suspension components to the wheel support assembly and is the mounting point for the wheel spindle or hub. It is called a “steering knuckle” if it is used in a location requiring the wheel to turn, where the knuckle rotates on the lower ball joint, allowing the wheels to turn left or right. 

Symptoms of Wear or Failure

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Brake caliper bracket will not secure properly

Related Repair Advice

  • Replacing a suspension knuckle may affect the alignment's settings. We recommend a four-wheel alignment whenever a suspension knuckle is replaced.
  • On disc brake systems, the brake caliper bracket bolts to the steering knuckle. If the treads in the knuckle are damaged, repairs should not be attempted. The knuckle should be replaced.