suspension is noisy going over bumps, what should I ask the mechanic on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

The tie rods and tires were replaced before purchasing this vehicle a month ago, would this have any relevence to the sound going over bumps?

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Probably not. Chrysler vehicles wear out struts pretty( very) fast in my experience. I would go to a good front end shop and go for a test drive with a good Technician.
Then if the noise is apparent, the technician should carefully inspect all the front and rear suspension and steering components, including ALL the sway bar components.
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My vehicle stopped after I replaced the sway bar links.
mine did the same had to have new stabilizer bars
I would take a look at the Sway bar link first to see if there is any play. This may be a sign they are bad. The other cause of play could be the sway bar bushings. Either of these are known causes to make clunking noises in the front end of PACs. These parts are common to wear out on PACs.