"Suspension Fault Normal Height Only" in the message center on the dahboard on 2006 Land Rover LR3

I own a 2006 LR3 but i recently noticed a warning (amber) on the dash which says " Suspension fault Normal Height only" showing intermitently. what should i do?

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I just bought a used LR3 V6 yesterday. I also had the same amber light and suspension fault, normal height only. Even had the radio stopped working. I said to myself oh oh. LR quirkiness here we go.
Anyway , all I did was check the battery terminals to see if anything is loose. Sure enough the positive post is loose. I removed it and waited a few seconds then reinstalled the positive battery clamp in the + post.
Viola everything operated and the fault message disappeared .
We took it for a spin and just love the LR3.
seek diag and est as this needs to be scanned for codes with a good diag scanner