Suspension on 2005 Mercury Montego

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I recently purchased a 2005 Montego Premier. It has 45k miles on it and looks brand new. Everything was going perfectly until about a week after I bought it and took it through a car wash. After the wash I began to notice when I went over a speed bump or other large bump/hole the rear end of the vehicle started making a loud noise. Almost as if something needed lubrication but it had been taken off by the car wash. Also I noticed its only on the Rear drivers side. Possibly a shock? Let me know guys. Thanks
(1) Answer
Some 2005 Freestyle, Five Hundred, and Montego vehicles built 5/17/2004 through 2/21/2005 may exhibit a squeaking noise from the rear suspension during suspension compression and/or when driving over bumps. This may be due to movement of the parking brake cable in the nylon grommet, located in the rear subframe parking brake cable bracket. To repair, use a non-petroleum based grease product such as silicone grease.