Surging While Driving Between 40 and 50 MPH on Chrysler Town & Country

V6 engines may experience surging while driving. The condition is more noticeable between 40 and 50 MPH while accelerating up a hill/slight incline. Replacing the powertrain control module (PCM) and updating the transmission control module (TCM) software may be required.

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Average mileage: 107,112 (14,600–230,000)
6 model years affected: 1998, 2001, 2002, 2005, more2007, 2008
25 people reported this problem
17 people shared problem details
Same surge issue since purchased with 50000 miles, though more pronounced now. At 65 mph the stutter is essentilly nonexistent. Below 60 mph, I can sense an occasional stutter. Around 35 mph (common street speeds) the engine will sometimes surge with noticeable tach fluctuations. Pressing further on the gass pedal will make the surging go away. The throttle position sensor change did not help. Would like to get this fixed if possible.
Replacing the EGR fixed the surging issue I have had for a couple of years. Pull the vac hose and plug/cap. Take the van for a test drive. If the surging goes away, the EGR needs replaced. Apparently crud gets into the EGR valve and prevents proper operation
At 90,000 miles, my 2002 T&C EX van developed a speed fluctuation problem. For several months, I experienced intermittent engine surging; particularly at 50-60 mph. Engine rpm would suddenly fluctuate causing the car to slightly jerk. I replaced plugs, wires, gas filter, cleaned injectors, cleaned throttle plate, other to try to fix the intermittent speed fluctuation problem. No luck! At this point, I was convinced the problem was with my automatic transmission and that I was about to encounter a VERY EXPENSIVE repair cost. Just before I took the van to a local transmission shop, I did some extensive research on the Internet regarding my van's engine surge problem. After spending several hours searching the Internet and not finding any new repair solutions, I stumbled across someone's repair suggestion which I had not considered. The T &C van utilizes a throttle plate sensor (TPS) which provides throttle plate position feedback to the van's PCM. This sensor sometimes fails. I decided to spend a whopping $20.00 for a replacement Dorman TPS as my very last attempt to find and fix my van's speed problem before I made the trip to my local transmission shop. When I removed the sensor (no easy task!), I found the sensor partially filled with gas/oil residue. I replaced the sensor and my engine speed fluctuation problem disappeared. FINALLY! I now have 130k miles on van and I have not had any speed fluctuations of any kind since replacing the inexpensive TPS. I love the Internet!
At light acceleration, there is some feeling of engine missing/trans surging. Dealer said it was not detected but installed updated software. Still happens especially when engine is cold.
when idleing or driving more than 45 miles per hour, the 2001 van shakes
I have a surge when coasting around 40-45 mph. This has gotten worse lately and is starting to drive me crazy. I haven't diagnosed it yet but had a similar vehicle in the shop the other day with this problem and it turned out to be an EGR valve. Unable to verify that repair yet with my van but soon.
Surging at low speed with light throttle. No codes show up.
R.P.M are running at 4 when I'm in between 40 and 50 mph
We have replaced the throttle sensor and it still did it replaced the battery still does it
Shakey, surging, feels like transmission is not engaging correctly.
Same as others describe. Seems to surge between 50 and 60. Not really noticeable above or below those speeds, at least not yet.
Same issue. Good at hiway speed but bad between 40-50 MPH.
Haven't had it looked at yet, but it is getting worse over time
experienced similar problem at lower speeds as well. Result was no gear shifting - high rev's during a twenty mile highway trip and the transmission now needs replacing.
surging of engine while in idle and driving down the road, only slightly noticeable but it is THERE
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