Surging at Hard Throttle on 2005 Hyundai Tucson

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If I step down hard on the accelerator, very often my Tucson will surge to the point where it is head jerking. It is an automatic but does not seem to have transmission problems.
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Any yellow lights on? ( i.e Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Light ) Why do you step so hard on the throttle, is it to pass someone or enter a freeway? It may be that the transmission is kicking down to a lower gear, but is not doing it smoothly. Why not have a good ATRA certified transmission shop test drive your vehicle, just for a second opinion. I mention ATRA as they are the the most ethical.
Yes, the need to tromp the pedal doesn't occur very often..occasionaly entering a busy interstate hwy. No warning lights so far. I did notice a recall today for the Stability System..I'll test by disabling it..more later, I'd bet.
I tried disabling the Stability System..didn't help. I guess the next step is to look for loose hoses, etc. Thanks for the help.