Sunroof won't close completely. Have removed headliner but can't get to motor. on 2004 Cadillac SRX

The sunroof won't open or close. The motor makes a clicking noise when you push button to open or close, so I know power is getting to motor.

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i have been doing glass for thirty years and this has to be the worst design i have ever seen, i replaced glass, motors and all tracks, i advised customer that sunroof works but the design is so bad if it were my srx i would never open it, shame on u cadillac!!!!!
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i rec you take to a quailfied mech instead of causing more issues
had the same thing happen to me the motor is located under the center glass panel it has 5 screws holding it in place watch the gasket as you are removing the screws once all the screws are out, take a flat tip and gently loossen the glass it will pop up it has 3 hinges facing the rea of the car just slide the glass panel forward and it will lift off. the motors are located there they are screwed down and have a clip on them which can be easily removed check the teeth on the sprocket that drives the cable that opens and closes the window you can look around for a oem motor from various salvage yards i got mine for 150 the caddy dealer wanted to charge 475 anyways its a quick change out and my sunroof works great now hopes this helps
The sunroof actuating cables or gear are stripped. Inspect or take to a local sunrof repair shop. Unless you are very highly mechanically inclined, that is a very difficult job. Replace the cables.
I am mechanically inclined. How do I get access to the motor. It doesn't make a clicking noise, just a click when getting power. What I need is to get to the motor, what do I have to remove to get to it, I have already removed the headliner. How do I remove the panel over the motor.
It depends on where it is located. BMW is sometimes located in trunk, otherwise it is in the sunroof pan close to the insife rear view mirror. Listen for it. You may have to remove the headliner to get to all the anchoring parts. Open the sunroof completely, unscrew the cable covers to expose the cables, then remove them by pull them out. Actuate the motor to see if the noise persists. If it does, take it to a shop, or continue to suffer. Remove the headliner, remove sunroof pan from car body to place it on a bench or large table where you can replace the motor, and reassemble it before continuing your suffering as you re-install it all. You probably need cables. They're very expensive, and so is the job even if you do it yourself. If you are near Summerville SC, take it to Pop's Top Shop. They're the best. Call them for advice.
the sprocket teeth are probably broken off and not allowing the gear to catch to close the window
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