sunroof on 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

my sunroof is leaking water into car om passeneger side and carpets are wet need to find where leak is thank you

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The sunroof has a drain tube at each corner of the sunroof. With the sunroof open poor water from a drinking bottle to each corner in turn. As you apply water to each corner of the roof water should be seen to drain at the sill rails or under neath the car. Trace where you see water drains out, poke around with a coat hanger or screw driver to see if you can clear the drain. Cars that have had body damage may have the drain channel pinched during body work.
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There is now a recall on this year jetta about this leak problem. We just took ours into the dealer and they cleaned them out free of charge.

We also asked them if they replaced the rug and carpets for water damage, but they said only if the car smelled of mold. We had them check anyways but they said there was no damage.