sunroof on 2001 Volvo S60

my sunroof wont work and i have checked all the fuses

by in Russellville, AL on April 17, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 18, 2010
Need to Diagnose this issue, which takes a skilled tech, a scanner and some real experience. here are some shops
ANSWER by on August 03, 2010
try pulling down the over head trim to expose the switch and unplug the connector,then check for power to the module. module is located above the switch and light assembly. Most likely you will have power,then plug the connectors back in without reinstalling the whole mess, and work the switch to see if the connection from the circuit board is solid and constant. I would suggest using a low-current, computer safe, test light. Sometimes the module will reset once unplugged and reconnected.
ANSWER by on October 06, 2010
Try the alarm system. There is a siren that whe it goes it is tied into the sunroof as well
ANSWER by on January 05, 2011
My S60 sunroof opened and made a noise like gears were grinding, now it wont close although I hear the same grinding. The noise is coming from under the switch, where the motor is. Any suggestions on how to self-fix this?
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that's good advice about isolating the motor and its power source...but what about the control module? and where can one find a pictorial guide/specs to this roof and motor?
my sunroof wont open on my 2001 volvo s60 i have checked all the fuses,,

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