sunny car won't run on 1990 Ford Escort

Replaced: computer, wires, plugs, coil,cap,rotor, fan,fan motor, thermostat, coil, waterpump, hoses, belts, timing belt,fuses, cleaned fuel inject, park car in garage, starts, purrs, runs for 1/2 hour, sun hits it, overheats , park in sun go start it, it starts runs like DODO. then strts over heat. 5 phx mechanics quit on it. No wires or battery touching frame, dash lights died

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what did other mechanics do? did they try to repeat the symptoms?. Maybe temp sending unit is picking up false temp from sun?.By overheating do you mean actual overheating or is gauge reading it as such?. Is fan turning on when engine temp is hot? if yes at what temp reading?.Maybe temp sending unit failing to tell fan to turn on?If dash lights died maybe reason for fan not coming on to cool fluid.
fan works and runs, dash lights dead,actually over heats, runs rough, gauge soars, also replaced battery, and alternator,hoses,radiator, mechanics actually started working on car for free, was a challenge, even replaced some parts for free.
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You forgot one thing "Exhaust" , Your tail pipe is plugged up. Check up the tailpipe, make sure someone hasn't stuffed something up there or disconnect it. I've seen this before.
tailpipe is hooked up and is not blocked, already checked that