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15330 Palmdale Rd, Victorville, CA 92392

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Sunland Ford Lincoln Mercury
November 14, 2014

I have been going to this dealership with new cars since 2010. First I brought a Raptor in to them for some valve issues. They had my truck for 17 days before even looking at it. When they were finally done with it they damaged my hood and had to have a repair done on a brand new specialty vehicle. When I picked it up I had noticed that they had taken it off road as the whole undercarriage was caked with mud and the interior was filthy. I also noticed an extra 100 miles on my odo. They never remedied the issues. Next I have taken a 2011 mustang in and out of the shop for various reasons since 2011. Every time I take it in, it leaves with new issues or just not fixed at all. I have caught them saying they have done maintenance that has never been done. This includes them "changing" a cabin air filter that I checked when I got home to discover they never did. They have locked my keys in the vehicle to waste a day of work and when they attempted to unlock the door they tear my window molding. They have caused damage to the way my $2k 1 off carbon fiber hood closes because they do not know how to operate hood pins. I have also had them lose clips and just toss anything it it's place. I had a maintenance package which it would be seen every 5k miles. They were supposed to rotate tires and inspect. I bought brand new tires which were never inspected or rotated and as such, a bad alignment wore them down in 4 months. Within that time frame it had been at Ford 3 times. All of which the tires were "inspected". They refused to take blame for their wreck less endangerment of myself and others who drove around me. This last issue involved taking a Mustang in for a small clunk in the rear end during the acceleration. They had the vehicle for 10 days and then I demanded it back since it was sitting. I then took it back during a cruise which I would be gone for 5 days. They don't start working on it until 3 days into the cruise and then when I get back, find out they were not covering the part because the cars gear ratio was coded incorrectly. They will rip you off every chance they get. Beware

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Sunland Ford Lincoln Mercury
March 14, 2011

Not impressed. Many people waiting for hours to get simple things done like fixing a flat. One person waiting 4 plus hours to fix head lights that quit working. Not sure about how their work is but you do wait hours and hours.

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