sun visor on driverside will not stay up. how do you fix it? on 2006 Hyundai Sonata

it falls down when driving

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These vehicles are known for faulty visors. They just have to be replaced, unfortunately.
Just ordered a new one from for $47.95 including shipping. It is a new genuine Hyundai part which retails for $75 at the dealer. You need to specify with or without sunroof as they are not same part. Also, Hyundai has redesigned this part which was prone to failure. Be sure you get the redesigned one.
There was a recall on this, but only for certain VIN ranges. (I have a 2006 and it was just prior to the recall range, but I had the same problem!) I wrote to Hyundai customer relations and they split the cost with me. Way better than nothing! If you've already paid for this repair, see if you were subject to the recall. They may reimburse some/all of the cost of repair.
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try replacing it from a wrecking may have trouble matching the color.