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1996 Saturn SL1 Question: Sun Visor

Both sun visors (driver side+front passenger side) need to be replaced due to tears on the fabric. The screws etc.. may still be good. The dealership wants $120 for the 2 visors and $60 for labor. I think it is too much money. Where can I get the visors replaced for less Or where can I buy the visors or compatible parts then I can get a friend to install them? Is this advisable? -
Answer 1
Sure. If you can get your hands on the right parts, which can be a little tricky. Try ebay.com or rockauto.com or parts.com, and see if you can find an exact match. Other than that, you need a friend who knows how to do the installation. -
Answer 2
Just match up the color code and look around for something least expensive. As for install its only 3 easily accessable screws and the visor only fits one way. -
Answer 3
i need to buy both driver & passenger visor -