Ford Fusion Problem Report


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There is a spring loaded deflector plate spanning the the width of the sunroof. It has nylon bands that are supposed to have enough tension to keep this mechanism out of the way when the sunroof closes. When the bands wear out, the deflector plate sits too high, causing it to get stuck between the sunroof and the seal. I can't seem to find the parts to fix this. For now, I just hold the deflector plate down with my middle finger while closing. Although it looks like the the sunroof is going to close on your finger, I've done this like a 1,000 times without injury. Has anyone had any luck repairing this? -
moon roof stops about 1/4 inch lower than top of roof have to play with button to get it to stop manually in right position any sulutions -
My sun roof doesnt close properly, has any one else experienced this problem -
shuts then drops not sealed -
Sunroof will not vent and when it closes it does not seal in the back. If you hold the deflector up while closing the sunroof the glass panel will raise up and seal. Good think we figured it out yesterday as today was a huge rainstorm. Even if this is covered under my extended warranty I hate to pay $100 to get it fixed. -
Hasn't been fixed yet, but dam with less than 10,000 klm's on a $38,000 it better be soon -
sun roof c;oses to far down not sealing -
Moonroof doesn't close and doesn't vent. Leaves a small gap in the back and not fully forward in the front. -
My sunroof will not open at this time. Of course it's out of warranty -
Moon roof doesn't close properly - get's stuck and leaves a small gap -
doesnt seal all the way -
Roof stopped closing properly, then after a few move times of it being used, it stopped working. It sunk down on the roof, not level with roof. Sunrise Ford charged me $1400 to fix and it has been working OK, but it still sticks once in a while, the say there is nothing wrong. They're probably waiting for the warrantee of the work to run out. -
they had to replace the whole thing after three attempts to fix it. -
sounds like water gurgling in my sunroof when speed is over 30mph -
sun roof doesnt close -
Power sunroof sticks open and it takes 3-5 tries to get it to close -
Moon roof will not vent up. Appears to be crooked. -
Had to have the entire sun roof assembly replaced. Just after 3-year warranty expired. -
My 2006 Fusion moonroof started making almost a grinding sound whenever it would close but it would always seal until well after the warranty run out. Now it stays dropped about 1/4 inch when closed unless I play with the button to get it to level out properly. When I had the dealership look at it, they said it was the "tracks" that the roof sits in. Would cost (at the time 4 years ago) $1200 and may not solve the problem. I didn't get the tracks replaced, just play with the button. But know there will come a day when it wont close at all. -
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