Suggestions for help with an intermittent problem. on 1994 Infiniti Q45

Intermittent problem! Runs great, accelerates correctly, idles smooth, but occasionally at no certain speed, no certain temperature--the engine just dies for a split second as if you instantaneously turned off the ignition. Then continues to run perfectly. More recently it sometimes dies as I decelerate for a traffic light or stop sign. Wife's car, a lot of short trips but daily driver. Newer plugs, fuel pump and fuel filter--184,000. No one can find the problem, any suggestions.

by in Niceville, FL on August 07, 2012
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ANSWER by on August 08, 2012
there is a fuel module in tne trunk of the car that can int go bad.this is a common issue with these cars.its located under the rear overhang against the back seat.
COMMENT by on August 09, 2012
Globalhelper, Thanks, for the information!! Is there any way to test this fuel module or do you suggest I just replace it and see if this fixes my problem? Charlie
COMMENT by on August 09, 2012

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