Suddenly Won't Start on 2007 Chrysler Aspen

With no fair warning I went to start my Aspen and all will it do is make a loud clicking noise. The speedo swings up from zero to about 85 and all the dash lights and radio flash on for a second or two, but the engine makes no attempt to turn over at all. The remote start does not work at all, as well as the remote door locks. I tried to jump start , no help.(The headlights turn on and are working fine, no signs of weak battery....????). I left it sit for 4 hours and tried again. The remote door locks still did not work. Attempted to start with the key and the same loud clicking, contact sound, but no turn-over. This is the first time this happened, and there was no symptoms leading up to it. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

by in Dover, PA on June 06, 2010
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ANSWER by , November 28, 2010
i too have this problem,it,is definitley not the battery.does this with brand new battery,I disconect the battery, which in turn resets the factory code on the computer , reconect and vehicle starts right away.I had no problems when I disconnected the radio/nav system, chrysler wanted to sell me another for $3988.00. I opted to put a better after market system in ,all was fine till weather started getting colder ,now its doing the exact same thing ,glad I did not listen to chrysler dealer . If you find out ahy other info I also would appreciate Thanks Tony T
COMMENT by , October 14, 2014
Yeah wife's just started this morning..just signs of weak unhooking really works..guess I'll find out..but really wanted to ask what really was the problem u found out..sensor, wiring, fuses? Any answer would greatly be appreciated
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
Did you get yours fixed. I tried the restart by unhooking battery and it didn't work
ANSWER by , July 17, 2010
Well it's seems as though this is a problem with a few Chryslers, because my Chrysler is doing the exact same thing. If you were able to figure out what the problem was please email me at Thanks
COMMENT by , September 16, 2010
Did you find out what the problem was?
ANSWER by , June 07, 2010
I would start with having the battery load tested at your local auto parts store, Because a bad battery will operate some things but won't have the amps needed to engage the starter or just purchase a new battery
COMMENT by , June 15, 2010
the problem isnt the battery, You probably tried jumping it but still couldnt get it started. had the same problem last night and eventually got it to turn over but it wouldnt start. no fuel was getting to the cylinders. It seems impossible to find answers on line and even more difficult to get chrysler to acknowledge theres a problem. Wanna know what the problem is? you bought a chrysler! Good luck trading in a broken piece of crap you spent way too much money for.
COMMENT by , June 19, 2010
So what did you do? Mine just did this today, too, and it is sitting in my garage and won't start. What now?
COMMENT by , August 19, 2010
I have one here the same does anyone know what the fix is?
COMMENT by , December 01, 2010
disconnect battery wait 1 min then reconnect , car should start ,this resets all factory code on the computer, there is a software glitch with these vehicle s there should be a class action suite against chrysler
COMMENT by , September 05, 2013
hey you know what, I follow your instruction and it work perfectly, the problem was a low voltage from the battery, I'd took back to were I but it and worked perfect,thanks so much for your help and you know what I have paid so much money in repair in this car that is driving me creasy, again thank you for everything and every body else to answered to my call on this matter.
ANSWER by , September 05, 2013
With no fair warning I went to start my Aspen and all will it do is make a loud clicking noise. The speedo swings up from zero to about 85 and all the dash lights and radio flash on for a second or two, but the engine makes no attempt to turn over at all.
COMMENT by , May 25, 2014
I am having the same problem. 2007 chrysler aspen with less than 90 thousand miles will not start. I think it is time to make chrysler stand up and take responsibility. Who is with me. Class action..we need signatures
COMMENT by , May 31, 2015
I am with you, my husband's 07 Aspen is doing the same thing. We were told it was the ignition switch and a day later the same error message and him getting stranded in a parking lot! It's not the battery, it's not the ignition, it's just a crappy piece of engineering that Chrysler needs to take responsibility for
ANSWER by , January 09, 2016
after bringing in my 2007 Aspen to the dealership we found out the problem was just a faulty terminal and a dead battery!! She's running beautifully again!
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
How much was the repair ? I'm having issues with mine
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
It was a total of 250.00 wasn't bad considering I didn't know what the exact problem was
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
You recommend dealership?
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
I do, there hourly rate is more expensive but it takes the 1/2 the time to diagnose what's wrong instead of going to a garage that tried everything they "think" it may be and you end up Fixing things that don't need to be fixed and possibly having the same issues.
ANSWER by , January 14, 2016
I am currently dealing with the EXACT same issue. I went in the store with my sons and come out with it not starting and doing the same things you all have described. I'm trying the battery disconnect thing in hopes I can at least get home!! I agree that Chrysler Corporation needs to take responsibility. All of us cannot be negligent, so it is obviously a defective problem. How do you start a class action lawsuit??
COMMENT by , January 14, 2016
ANSWER by , April 18, 2016
OMG... It amazes me that so many of us are having the same problems with this vehicle!!! I have an 09 Chrysler aspen and I have had the alternator, starter, battery, and battery terminal changed out! All new! and STILL my truck wont start sometimes. I think Chrysler is aware of the problem but WE haven't made enough noise for them to notice and acknowledge Our Problem! Something needs to be done! Anyone that is starting a law suite against them please let me know! IM ALL IN! I paid too much for this truck to be having issues like this!
ANSWER by , January 01, 2016
You are lucky if its the battery for most cases its not. I have an aspen ive been through a battery test starter test alternator test all are working perfect. Cleaned all grounds checked all wiring. Starter wire is getting hot meaning its pulling to much of a power draw. Chrysler needs to be held accountable for this there are way to many of us with the same issues without any answers.
ANSWER by , February 22, 2016
I just had the same issue today. My 2008 Chrysler Aspen limited just cut off and would not do anything but click. I kept trying but soon it wouldn't even click. Called my husband who is a Mechanic and he tried everything. He disconnected the battery and some other test he thought would find the problem. He even put a scan tool on it. There was no code it just said low voltage. We got a new battery put it on and it cranked right up no pproblems on the first try. I would go with a new battery.
ANSWER by , August 10, 2010
my aspen is doing the same thing did you ever find out what the problem is?
COMMENT by , August 14, 2010
it was the battery
COMMENT by , December 01, 2010
once the battery is taken out or disconnected ,it resets code in the computer ,then car will start when reconnected class action against Chrysler would be a good thing
ANSWER by , January 23, 2016
that didn't work. Any other suggestions ?
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
Clean up your battery terminals and make sure there isn't any corrosion and change your battery
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
You think it's the battery? I cleaned it off and also tried to jump start it and nothing happened still
COMMENT by , January 23, 2016
Yes I do I tried all the same things and mine wouldn't work I brought it to the Chrysler dealership and it was the battery and my negative terminal was corroated.
ANSWER by , September 07, 2010
probably the battery. My van did the same thing and it was the battery.
COMMENT by , September 30, 2010
I am having the problem with my 2008 Aspen. This started with my wife calling me stating the car will not start. She had the radio running for about an hour. i went over got it started. Engine light comes on and now it will not start up properly. Every thing comes on but the engine will not turn over. I then try for about 5-10 minutes and then it starts. I will go to autozone today to have them check my battery.