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Suburban Scion Toyota
October 06, 2014

I chose Suburban Toyota Service center after reading the reviews online. The reviews were full of praise at the high level of service and competence Suburban Toyota showed when working on a car. Unfortunately, I had the exact opposite experience. It has been almost two months and I still do not have my car.

My Camry had been damaged in the August flood. The adjuster recommended replacing the engine, bumper, both headlights, and to make sure there was no water damage in the interior. They replaced the engine and one headlight. They screwed up a simple paint job on the bumper, and did not even check to see if there was any water damage underneath the carpets even though they were paid to do it.

Every time I am told a date that the car will be completed, I call, and still not done. "It will be done by Friday." Call on Friday, not done. "It will be done by Monday." Call on Monday. Not done. This happened for five weeks. I gave them the car sometime mid August. The engine was installed within two weeks. The bumper took over a month after that due to their poor workmanship. (they had to order another bumper and still charged the insurance company for it, claiming that it was because the part was aftermarket.)

When I informed the insurance company they had not checked underneath the carpet (which is what the service manager Matt had told me), the adjuster called them and was lied to. Suburban told them that they had checked underneath the carpets.

It seems that Suburban Toyota does whatever they can to leech money from the insurance company and do as minimal work as possible to increase their profits. The total cost of the repair was more than 7k - for a used engine, a bumper, and one headlight.

This service center is anything but professional or prompt, and should be investigated for insurance fraud.

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