substituting original quick-connector fitting on fuel-supply line...5.2L on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

The fuel-supply line quick-connector on my Dodge Ram van is leaking and it is impossible right now to purchase a replacement of any kind.I examined it and has concluded that the vinyl o-ring is the problem,not the rubber o-rings that are also installed with the vinyl one.I'm thinking that I could cut the connector off and connect the line to the tank with a piece of rubber-hose and two clamps.....Is there any thing wrong with that idea? I mean, regular clamps should hold the pressure......part of the line is connected with a piece of rubber-hose and no clamps as original equipment.....agree or disagree?....Thanks for a prompt response.....frankiedon.

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Use fuel injection hose and clamps if you do this, yes there are special clamps and hose!! NAPA got it. If you can clamp the hose to a metal or very rigid fitting i think it will work ok. Use the right size hose, needs to fit tight to start with! Check closely for any leaks while it's under pressure!
Hi Pushrod.Thanks for your response. Unfortunately,I'm not in the too far away.I'll have to check around at the auto. stores and see what they have that would do the trick.I'm thinking about regular hose clamps with that little worm-like screw or somthing similar......thanks again. frankiedon.