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Have the boot in place, just can't seem to get it on the rim on the inner (engine) end. Can I push with a screwdriver?(Don't want to cut it). I need help. Thanks
car sputtered then died yesterday. It cranks but does not turn over, being told I need a new fuel pump & it is in the fuel tank.
how to test the relay and temp sensor?
My car 2001 Subaru outback LL bean is about to be due for 150'000 mile maintenance, and I am curios about the cost. and I know its depending on the shop and what they do, but could someone gives me some idea?? Thanks...
Hi, my girlfriend was recently rear ended and when she took her car into a body shop they told her she needed a whole new bumper. She never had the work done and 6 months passed. I was in a scrap yard the other day tr...
I just recently posted a question on here about my Outback recently purchased from the third owner. It has 140,000 miles on it, and upon purchase, it appears the seller lucked out in that the head gaskets had just st...
Have been hearing rubba-rubba-rubba noise when turning sharp left at first, then when breaking or even just going around a curve, then suddenly it has almost completely stopped...what's up?
removal of dash to replace dash lights bulbs. diagram please