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My mechanic is saying that the oil leaking on to the O2 sensor is causing the an issue with the wires and the misfire because the gas is not burning properly through the exhaust
Bolt holding alternator to car sheared off not once but twice...this takes out powersteering but more importantly only have 20 minutes of drive time without any radio/lights,etc on because the battery can't charge...t...
I just got an email from the dealer stating it was about time for my 87,000 mile maintenance. Can't find a listing of what that should entail in my owner's manual. Does anyone know what I should expect?
Can anyone tell me how much it cost to replace an ignition key. I lost mine. So far estimates are $150 to $200...Is there a easier way?
Any time the outside temp is above 65 deg. my left front brake locks up. It happens going down the road, not even usingthe brakes, or at stop lights. I have changed the caliper, brakes, brake line, any other ideas? Th...