Subaru Forester Problem Report

Subaru Forester Check Engine Light Due to Failed Front O2 Sensor

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The front oxygen (air fuel ratio) sensor element may develop a crack, causing the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Subaru has recalled certain models to replace sensors that may fail. The Subaru service program number is WXW-80, this is not a government mandated recall.


the check engine light is on and it hesitates,i need to take my foot off gas and lowly climb speed,and while stopped at light etc it struggles to remain at a steady idle and often will stall, ive replaced both sensors twice, i have owned 3 subarus and if this prob isnt fixed a new wrx is NOT in the near future as planned where do i go for this problem, i just need the sensor i can install -
Check engine light on and cruse flashing. Code indicates O2 sensor. -
check engine light on, cruise flashing, another PO131 code on my 2005 Subaru -
P0032 check engine light code -
Check engine light - Oxygen Sensor -
Check eng light is on, code is for O2 sensor B1 S1 -
2002 Subaru Forester. O2 sensor causing check engine light to come on. Now could be linked to transmission lag-? -
took it to the dealer. it went away for a few months and been back since. -
Replaced sensor spark plugs ,spark plug wires,fuel filter -
O2 sensor failure - replaced sensor. -
code po420 -
Flashing cruise light and check engine light always on. Subaru dealer said not a problem and disconnected the engine, only to have it turn on again one week later. Now knocking hard, vibrating, when driving, and accelerating. I am now told its the o2 sensor. -
Both oxygen sensors are on code and cel is on runs cruddy -
Check engine light comes on and off. Typically on during longer drives above 45mph, will turn off every now and then if driving slow. Took it to the shop-bad O2 sensor $380 charge at Subaru dealer -
My engine light is on as well and I am not happy that it looks like I am going to have to pay for a recall that is clearly Subaru's fault. -
Subaru charged me $425 just for the sensor -
Replaced air-fuel sensor. $450. -
02 sensor, cruise control light and check engine light came on after we had the head gasket fixed. Getting quotes on the price but initially told price would be $250+ from a local parts guy...hoping we can find it cheaper from another dealer. -
P0030 - A/F ratio (front oxygen) sensor heater failed. Seems the little heater on the sensor is only used when the car is warming up. Drove with it for 3k miles without any noticeable mpg changes. Finally replaced it with an OEM sensor at 181k. Real pain to change due to the tight spacing, the normal O2 socket does not fit. -
Had complete exhaust from back done. A few days later Check Engine light comes on. Have it checked and its the o2 sensors. Had check engine light turned off and now my car barely runs. Feels as if its missing like on 3 cyl Of course the shop wants to charge me even though they were under it a few days prior -
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