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My 2004 Subaru forester makes a thumping sound when i turn the steering wheel and back up. what is causing that? it sounds likw its coming from the left rear tire. its a standard with 107000 miles, is 10 yrs old.3 me...
Timing belt, water belt, idler pulleys were replaced in July of last year. What internal engine damage can result from this happening?
Purchased this car 10 years ago and have maintained it well--running 216,000 miles. Put in 1800.00 of maintenance last year (new tires, 2nd timing belt, major service tuneup). Check engine light is still on after repl...
My car was taken to get a smog check, immediately after, the oil can light came on. However, the oil level is normal, and looks to be in good condition. Minutes after the smog, the car stalled out. The engine was just...
Has Subaru done anything to fix the sticking latch on hatchback
I am assuming it is not a fuse because nothing else is out. How do you get to the bulb to change it?
How easy is it to replace the blower motor?
when we start and turn or try to park the car, its start to shimmy. Going forward or backwards its does it. I feel that the all wheel is not disengaging I looked at the fuses and where AWD there is no fuse, is it miss...
Air comes in through the front doors and this makes a lot of noise whenever I go faster than 65 mph, is there a solution for this? I checked the rubber gaskets and all seem to be ok. Ian
What do these codes mean and are they expensive to fix? Car runs fine and I am used to the CEL on (especially when it's wet out)But it had always gone off before this year. 130k miles.
got oil changed, couple days later smelled oil burning, saw oil under car. Suspected maybe overfilled oil, sotook it back to dealer. After they inspected said bot head gaskets were leaking. "it never made it to your r...
turn ignition, lights come on, but no turnover, no starter noise. Then it starts, but can't get it out of park. turn it off leave it sit for a few minutes, everything is fine for a few days, then happens again.
Sudden loss in mileage right after diagnosis, like about half the mileage. Any ideas?