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I was quoted $1070 for a factory part, and around $600 for an after market part. The dealer recommends the factory part because the life of part will be longer, and there was some risk of the after market not "fittin...
after driving a short distance my car overheats, Why
The vehicle does not respond quickly when I give it gas. Also, what is the estimated cost for a pre-owned vehicle 152-point maintenance check on the subject vehicle for sale?
dealer replacing defective control bar front any relation to problem??
short of putting new rear in this vec,everything has been replaced but now the axle is starting to make a clunking noise i have heard that this year of forester had problems but only after mine started to act up any i...
When I looked up your pricing under maintenance, this part was not listed specifically.
car stopped would not start tried to start several times. Removed the drivers side cover for timing belt found teeth from pully sheared off. How can a interferance and non interference engine be identified?
Ssteering wheel vibrations when driving over 50 mph
I believe front brakes do 70% of the braking, why would I have the rear brakes changed first?
excessive wind noise both front doors in the mirror area i put foam rubber in the seal area and closed the doors on it. did not affect the noise so it must not be the seals. noise starts about 40 mph and gets louder w...
I have no mechanical experience but my dad helps me sometimes. I have been feeding my car oil weekly for a year to keep it going. I don't know where the oil is going. It isn't leaking. When I pull out in first gea...
my mechanic told me i have a cracked head gasket how much should it be to fix
Need from the manifold down to muffler replaced. Not the converter.