stumped on tracker running fine for a while then won't start on 1994 Geo Tracker

I have a 1994 geo tracker with 140,000 miles and had no problems until now. Just last month the truck started bogging down and then quit and would not start, had it towed home, sat for about an hour and then got it started, it was thought to be the fuel filter so we changed that and it ran fine for 3 weeks. Last week it did the same thing so thought it was the fuel pump, put a new one in and it ran fine for a couple of days then all of a sudden won't start even after having it run for the morning and then go to leave again. Can you please tell me what is wrong with it, this is my baby! Thank you Jenny

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Well Jenny i havent heard that name since forrest gumpp but anyway you need to listen when you turn the key on to see if fuel runs before you crank the engine. This would be helpful to troubleshoot the problem, I not sure if this has a fuel pump relay. Try that for a start and write back!
Gee thanks loved that movie run forest run!!! We checked to see if the fuel pump is running and turns out it is not, which is brand new so he checked the wiring and followed it, took out the tail light and the plastic piece where the wires go into, part of it was burnt which was the one wire that was for the fuel pump, not sure what would of caused this but he is going to try splicing the wires and going from there. Have you heard of this happening before?