stuck in park on 1995 Audi A6 Quattro

Stuck in park. Put in new brake light switch, still not working. Brake lights do come on. There is a black second switch, lower than the white switch... what does that do??
Don't have the repair manual, can't look it up. HELP!!!

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here is a site for the wiring diagrams.

You want to verify that you are getting power and ground to the shift release solenoid and that it works, but verify that the other brake light is not involved.
The Brake Light Switch is definitely involved with the shift lock solenoid, so that was a good direction to start. Check the red power wire going to the shift lock solenoid. Good luck!
Hello dandd,

Thanks for the help. We managed to get lever out of park position by pulling the whole thing apart and leaving the plastic selector guide loose. It's 90% there.
Thanks too for the wiring diagram. Very helpful.
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I replaced fuse 9 fixed the problem.