Stuck in park on 2002 Dodge Dakota

Dodge Dakota 2002 stuck in park. Tried rocking it, etc. Garage can't find the problem, dealer says there isn't one.

by in Cliffwood, NJ on January 20, 2009
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ANSWER by on January 20, 2009
In order to release brake shift lever, brake pedal must be applied first to electronicaly release shift solenoid. Are you appliying you brakes prior to moving shift lever? and vehicle must be running.
COMMENT by on December 07, 2010
Same issue...not an idiot (answer above). Pretty sure it has to be some kind of wear,damage to the release mechanism - can it be replaced?
ANSWER by on March 13, 2013
down on the steering column where the gear lever connects is a gasket move it, on the left at the connection you will see a button push it, thats the only way I do it when mine sticks. To bad I can't send a diagram
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