Stuck in Park on 2008 Chevrolet Impala

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My gear shift is stuck in park and the dealership says I need a new gear shift for a heavy price of course, is this necessary?
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If you have the center council shifter, there is a lock over ride button inside the body of the council. It's located on the right hand side of the shifter and about the location of where the shifter is in Neutral. You can ge to it with a small screw driver and push it in. With the button pushed in, you can shift. There is a wire that connects the shifter to the braking system that may be broke. Very tight tolerence.
what dose it look like
it sounds like it is if you want to drive it. what exactly is the problem and why the failure on this new of a car. how many miles?? you have a 3 yr 36000 bumper to bumper.

Good morning. I have a 2001 impala, column shifter, 133,000 miles. Base model. The other day when I try to put my car in gear the shifter broke completely out of the column so I replaced the shifter and cables going to the ignition as well as the transmission my problem that I learned as the little arm coming out of the transmission where you connect the shifting cable is Frozen. Will not budge. Can someone give me a straight up answer please? Tranny trash, or something i can fix?
I can tell you why there is a problem with a 3 yr old chevrolet. It's not a FORD