Stuck in park 01 accord on 1999 Honda Accord

My 01 accord is stuck in park. The break lights were not working so I replaced the break switch. The break lights still do not come on and the car is still stuck in park. I can use the shift release to get it in gear but I would like to not have to do that each time i drive. What should my next move be?

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poss bad shift lock solenoid in center console
If the solenoid is bad would that cause the break lights to still not work after replacing the break switch?
Did you check for a blown fuse?
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As wetry mentioned , check the fuses first. PCM gets signal from brake switch in order to activate the shift lock solenoid. If you by-pass (jump) the brake switch do the brake lights work? Are you positive the switch is installed correctly? OEM or aftermarket switch?..Remote poss. it can be PCM problem. There are ways to test circuit.
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