Stuck in 1st gear on 1997 Saturn SL2

I have a 5 speed manual transmission, I have about 130,000 miles on my car. I replaced the clutch 2 years ago and the clutch is still working so I am pretty sure my problem is not the clutch. I was leaving the grocery store when all of a sudden my shifter stopped working, I can easily move the shifter between 1st & 2nd but the car is definately stuck in 1st gear. I think it is either the shifter cable OR the shifter cable bushing, how much should each of these cost to repair? Could it be something else?

2 answers
I think its your shift selector cable ( dorman/techoice #16833 )
It sounds like your shifter cable has broken. It is possible that your shifter cable bushing has broken instead. It does not matter as you cannot buy just a shifter cable bushing. It comes with the cable . It's not that hard to replace the entire cable. I don't remember how much the cable cost when I had to replace mine...seems like it was 60-70 dollars. For HOW-to you should get a Saturn service manual. You can get one at just about any parts place like Auto-zone, Pep-boys etc.
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