2005 Honda Accord Q&A

2005 Honda Accord Question: Stuck Accelerator Problems?

Are there any recalls on this model for accelerator defects? While pulling into a parking lot my Honda slowed down ( I had my foot on the brake) and then it leaped over the cement stopper and continued to plow through a pillar! It only stopped after it hit the building behind the pillar and could go no more-I had my foot on the break the whole time and it just kept moving forward. I know my foot was on the brake and not the gas. -
Answer 1
I am glad you weren't hurt. I have not heard of this before. I would definitely call the number on the National Highway Safety website and start a complaint http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ Its a government website and they will know if anyone else has experienced this problem. -
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