struts vs cv axle on 1998 Subaru Forester

there is a knocking/rattle in the right front wheel area,the mechanic replaced the cv axles,my car was ok for a couple of days, then the noise started up again at first not so loud then it became the same as before so i took the car back to him now he's saying its the struts.wouldn't you see that the struts were bad when replacing the cv axle? is it possible he did not replace the cv axles?

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He likely did replace the cv axles and it would depend on what he is saying is wrong with the struts to see if he could have seen during cv axle work. If he is saying the upper strut mounts are bad, he would not have seen that, if saying internal prob with struts then again he would not have seen that, during roadtest to verify his repair he likely experienced what you did, was ok during roadtest or he would have had to drive for two day roadtest to have noise come back. Since he will be in the same area he may give you some credit of labor toward the struts, hell ask him too, and why did he say axles were bad? If did not fix and he cannot reinstall the old axles then he should give some credit toward struts work. Good luck.
thank you so much!!!
what part ended up being bad, i'm having a similar issue currently with my wife's 98 forester.