Stripped heater outlet on intake manifold on 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

The heater outlet on the rear of the intake manifold is stripped and leaking. Is there a fix for this other than replacement of the manifold?

by in Silver City, NM on November 05, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 05, 2010
To my knowledge, the only repair is to replace the composite intake manifold. They are known for leakage...although usually up front.
COMMENT by on November 06, 2010
Thanks Dave, This leak is on the metal hose nipple that is screwed into the composit manifold. The threads in the manifold are stripped and coolant leaks. I was hoping there was a repair insert or a fix for the stripped threads. The rest of the manifold is sound. Thanks for replying - Kelly
COMMENT by on November 06, 2010
Just to confirn,, there is no fix for that nipple. The only repair is to replace the intake. Sorry about that.
COMMENT by on January 10, 2011
I am going to try to use a two-part epoxy after cleaning both mating surfaces thoroughly. I plan to scuff each part in order for the epoxy to adhere. If this works I will let you know.
COMMENT by on January 22, 2011
Hi Dave, We ended up tapping the hole with a 3/8" NPT tap (3/8 tapered pipe) and screwing a standard 3/8" copper pipe nipple into the port. So far - so good. Worse case - it will leak and I'll have to replace the manifold.
COMMENT by on January 22, 2011
Definitely an "outside the box" approach, and one that sounds good. Nice work, and right attitude.
COMMENT by on April 03, 2014
Hi Dave, Just an update the 3/8 brass standard tapered pipe nipple "out of the box" fix is still going strong - over 3 years now.
ANSWER by on April 03, 2014
I had thia prob last week in my 3rd generation passed down crown vic. I used a 2 part apoxy (jb weld plastic weld) I roughed up the hole tht was a smooth as a babys ass and added a thicked lait of jb weld around those noxe fine threass waited 5 mins and shoved tye nipple back in the port 1 hour later leak solved....unfortunatly the pressure blew out at the thermastat housing. Long story short just do prevenative maintence and replace the intake. Took me 2 hours and saved 1000$ buying a dorman intake off ebay from (115$) good luck and have fun your hardest obsticle is the crash braket.
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