Stress Crack in Front Window on 2007 Toyota Camry

My front window just cracked yesterday. I is cracking from the inside the window - there is no cracking on either the outside nor the inside of the window it seems to be generated within the window itself.

Do others have this problem and is Toyota going to replace it?

Asked by for the 2007 Toyota Camry
It is not a common Toyota problem. Windscreens can crack due to impact form a rock or other object. They can crack if it is cold outside and someone pours hot water on the windscreen (I am guilty of this one myself) or can crack if the windscreen aperture is compressed in any way (for instance if the car has been involved in an accident).
I forgot to mention old windscreen used to delaminate but that type of windscreen hasn't been sold in the US since the 1960's. The construction of windscreens now ensures they shatter into little pieces for the safety of the driver and passengers.
I would suggest going to a local windscreen installer and get their opinion.
Perhaps your insurance covers windscreen replacement.
Regarding answer no 1: None of those things happened! And it is a crack from between the inside and outside of the window