Strange vibration! on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

my car has a vibration and its annoying! its mostly when im in 3rd gear and up and up hills at the most... when i let off teh gas it quits completly... any ideas???? we replaced motor mounts and timing belt and the one tires wieghts fell off so they replaced them and balanced it... so sick of putting money in this car...had it for a month and a half and only drove it a few days!

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Vibrations are tough to diagnose even when I have them in the shop...but as you discribe it sounds like a worn inner C/V axle joint. Almost no way to verify except by exsperiance and a feeling for it after years of doing this. Sometimes when I drive a car and feel it I sometimes can get a clue to which side is causing it. A good service professional can be helpful in times like this so unnessary parts are not replaced.