Strange puddle on 1993 Buick LeSabre

I replaced the hoses on my radiator and looked over my car and it looked pretty good. Just today I noticed a puddle behind the driver side tire, just around the steering rack and axle shaft area. It was not an oil product. Tasted it and it tasted a little like radiator fluid, but no hoses go around there. The heads were dry and so were all the hoses. Could it be washer fluid? Found no leak but it could have dried under the hood.

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sounds like heater core is leaking and running out your evap drain tube. ck the floor board on pass side of car under the carpet to see if there is coolant there
I thought the evap drain tube was on the passenger side on this one. If I am wrong any help would be great. Nothing inside the car at all.
im sorry your right. it could be the water is flowing there. is the taste sweet?
Hard to tell. Diluted when I saw it. Very little taste to it. Had a little sweetness, but not like coolant.
I was checking my oil and found what it was. It was radiator fluid. I just need to track down the leak. It was dripping on to the transmission bell housing and down near the steering rack. Hose to the therm is dry, and the leak following it from the bell housing, starts just past the exhaust and under the throttle. Just has the lower intake manifold replaced. I doubt it is a head gasket since that is not common on 3800 series 1 engines. Any thoughts?
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