Strange noise and thump on the drivers side when going from 15-25. on 2012 Nissan Altima

I bought my car last week new. When my car is cold and I go from 15-25 mph there is a thump and a noise on the drivers side. It happens every day and every time the car gets cold and I start to move. The dealership is telling me it is normal as it is the ABS warming up. Does that seem correct or should I take it in for service.

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Boy are you being lied to! ABS systems dont have anything to do with making thumps. It doe's sound like you have a problem with your tire. Some tires come apart from the inside out. Run your hand over the flat part of the tire and feel for a high spot. Or, put your spare tire on that side to eliminate that problem. When in doubt, take it in to an auto repair shop. Goodluck