Stops moving on 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

When drivimg after awhile maybe one to two min's the truck will stop going likes it's in "N" gear the moter runs. If you turn off the eng and wait a little while then you can go again but then it does it again. It's a automatic. Could this be something simple. Thanks

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Unfortunately it is unlikely to be anything as simple as a fuse. If the engine stays running the engine is mechanically OK, the fuel and ignition system is OK. Something is causing the drivetrain to disconnect form the wheels. I presume your Pathfinder is an automatic transmission. How often does this happen? Could be a transmission problem. What do you do to get the power transmitted to the wheels once this happens?
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I'm not really a tranny person but I know that a clogged filter (screen) will cause that also. Especially, if you haven't had the tranny serviced in a while.