Stop Lights on 2003 Toyota Highlander

The passanger side and rear hatch stop lights do not work, turn and tail lights work fine. Driver side stop lights works. i replaced the bulbs, but the passanger side stop lights still do not work. Is this a common issue ?

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Customer Concern: The brake lights are inoperative.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Check the stop light fuse for battery voltage at all times.

2. At lamp failure module, check to see if there is battery voltage on the Green/White wire with the brake pedal pushed.

3. Check to see if there is battery voltage to the Green/Red wire with the brake pedal pushed.

4. Bypass the lamp failure module by jumping the Green/White to the Green/Red. Check the light operation. All lights should be illuminated similarly. All bulbs should be of the same make and model.

5. Check the grounds for the brake light bulbs and the lamp failure module.
Potential Causes: Harness
Lamp Failure Module

Tech Tips: The lamp failure module is a common failure item. There is usually a problem with the bulbs being incorrect or there is a poor ground that causes the module to fail.
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Where can i find lamp failure module in 2002 toyota highlander? My right rear brake light doesn't have power, i tested on the terminals without the bulb and housing. The park light terminal has power, but the other terminal (brake) doesn't have power even when brake pedal is pressed. Do you happen to know where exactly can i find or how to reveal the brake lights junction (presumably somewhere between the fuel filler lid and left brake light housing)?