Stop clock from running thru numbers? on 2003 Volvo S60

When car is running the clock is also running continus thru all the numbers.If it does stop only for short time before it starts again.

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Did you ever find out what this was? My clock does the same thing-- there is a beep, and then the clock starts running continuously. It even speeds up the rotation of the numbers when I accelerate. Performance has not been affected, and the guys at the repair shop have never seen this before. Any help or answers you found would be greatly appreciated!
mine does the same if you have any answers i'd love to know too.
Mine does the same (2003 s60). The people I spoke to and the research I've done all point to the Driver Information Module (DIM). The part itself (new) is $900-$1,000 and everyone I've talked to cautions strongly against trying to install a used part. The DIM apparrently needs to be programmed by the dealer and will be unique to each car's VIN #. Total repair bill looks likely to be in the neighborhood of $1,300 if this is indeed the issue and the information I've collected so far is accurate. If this is true, I'll live with the funy clock unless and until the problem spreads from the clock to other critical indicators.
solution is discussed here:
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I presume you mean the speedometer clock. If so the speedometer/ instrument cluster may have a problem. A company that re build Volvo instrument clusters are
My 2002 volvo xc v70 does the same thing. I beeps and clock goes crazy. Once I even noticed the little mileage meter went back to zero.