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Stop And Ride
February 02, 2015

Wife took our 2001 Hyundai Sonata up there to have new rotors put on, brakes put on and an oil change. Wife's grandmother asked why the car was RPM'ing up to 4000rpm and wanted the shop to look at it. They told her she needed a new throttle body(Said it had a 2002 throttle body in it and it wouldn't work with a 2001 so they needed to change it) they replaced her throttle body with one they most likely pulled out of a car at the junkyard. The "newer" throttle body they installed had paint marks the manufacturer marks on OEM parts(clearly it wasnt tested to see if everything works). Took the car home after 3 days it wasn't even a few minutes after 5:30 when we picked the car up from the shops lot, got in cranked it up and the engine was struggling to even stay cranked it was shaking very hard and was making a lot of noise. When put into gear the car shook to the point of making the mirrors and everything fall forward. We took the car home called the shop the next day and explained the situation. They told us to bring the car back up there and they would take another look and it would only take a hour and they would call us back. After several hours we received a call back and they said it was working fine now and they just adjusted the throttle cable. When we arrived they said they ran a test and now we needed new coils(yet we have never had this code before nor did we have a check engine light until the shop messed with our car). We left the shop because we didn't have the money and took the car to Autozone and had them reset the engine light and read the codes for us. Codes came back as we needed new coils and there was an evap leak. Guy at autozone quickly realized that the guys at Stop and Ride had kindly switched our spark plus wires around making the car misfire and that's why the car started reading a misfire and jerking after we took the car to stop and ride. We rode around and it seemed a little better and after the Check engine light came back on we returned to autozone and had them run another test, this time no Coil misfire (what a coincidence) and was just reading an evap leak now. We took the car home and I checked for leaks, still haven't found any. However, I removed the intake hose and looked into the throttle body stop and ride "replaced" for us and to my surprise the entire thing was covered in carbon build up (did they just pick this thing off the side of the road or something?) I cleaned it with some throttle body spray and a rag and connected everything back. To this day roughly 5 months after stop and ride put their hands on our car the car hasn't ran well enough to drive. Car jerks very hard still (almost to the point of causing the mirror to fall), the car drops below 500 rpm when it is put into gear, stutters to accelerate and when sitting at idle the car runs at the normal 750rpm but sputters and moves between 750-500 without your foot ever touching the pedal and the car makes a popping sound through the exhaust when you push the pas pedal sometimes. Needless to say, our car ran perfectly fine before stop and ride touched the car, now it's a yard ornament. We have called the shop and they claim innocence on everything and will not replace anything to have our car back in the shape it was before they touched it. We basically paid them 800$ to destroy our car. We will be contacting Clark Howard at Channel 2 WSB-TV if something isnt done to get our car back into the shape it was before. The guys at the shop try to play this off and act as if we are stupid or something and have no clue what has happened.

UPDATE: When we called Hyundai to talk to a master Tech he said that the car would run perfectly fine with a 2002 Throttle Body, that there wasnt a reason it needed to be changed. So basically they just scammed my wife into thinking she needed one so they could make some money off of her, and then most likely slap her throttle body online and sell it used.

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